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RBZ shames another 47 over illegal currency deals

Another 47 people were blacklisted yesterday by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for operating on the foreign currency black market, taking to 77 the number of people whose bank and mobile money accounts have now been frozen and who are barred from operating any others for two years.

The freezing of bank accounts and mobile money accounts and the blacklisting for two years are part of the RBZ’s efforts to clamp down on the black market by removing the middlemen.

The black market is seen as subject to manipulation and profiteering by those who operate it with the rates generated each day having very little to do with actual market forces.

The first group of 30 were listed two weeks earlier on September 28.

In his statement announcing the new additions Reserve Bank Governor Dr John Mangudya thanked the public “who are coming forward with information that is helping the Financial Intelligence Unit to identify and take action against more culprits”.

The Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe has been asked to bar all those listed from operating mobile lines.

Dr Mangudya reminded the public that the Financial Intelligence Unit can be contacted on WhatsApp numbers 0714039897 or 0780434475.

As with the first list, there were no details of the people blacklisted except for their name, ID and telephone number.

The latest list of names, with IDs, is: Fabiola Gonye 84-005045-F-19, Cosmas Zishiri 08-803147-M-27, Amon Innocent Dumba 08-050710-Q-80, Macvenon Mutumbami 75-2009188-Q-75, Fungai Chikonyora 63-592653-Y-32, Betserai Munosunama 63-964786-Q-27, Patrick Tsungai Manyepa 63-965840-L-71, Tadiwanashe Mubaiwa 63-2297013-L-27, Fungai Luwizhi 63-769984-Z-63, Lovemore Muromowenyoka 63-1400713-X-34, Astried Sigauke 75-313162-G-44, Tawanda Stanley Chikwaira 43-047279-V-43, Ishmael Munashe Sakondo 63-2022468-S-70, Farai Gabriel Munemo 25-096872-H-59, Tatenda Muchenje 63-1445775-C-47, Tatenda Edwin Muswere 83-183494-Q-83, Richard Zvinzveku 08-2115554-L-42, Andy Makombore 75-2028257-S-75, Cephas Manyepa 63-2298466-Q-38, Delight Benge 42-182909-M-26, Michael Kuhudzai 75-350326-C-75, David Madhabha 66-062181-S-66, Jonathan Nunurayi Kwapwanya 63-1431907-D-63, Misheck Handreck 47-0145132-H-42, Ranga Brian Muchemwa 63-2310265-Q-04, Kudakwashe Kugura 63-1355165-N-34, Nyasha Gundani 59-154712-Z-77, Tinashe Chiza 63-1595105-S-42, Melusi Mabhena 61-047532-M-73, Henry Rwizi 44-046641-H-44, Fannuel Nyamukondiwa 48-011983-M-48, John Chikochi 63-932804-C-43, Henry Tafadzwa Chaitezvi 63-2160934-Z-25, Norman Chekufa Matsineyi 34-071099-C-34, Beauty Sankulani 38-091086-D-38, Alois Chikadza 63-2085499-E-71, Gift Mabaudhi 63-108967-L-42, Shupikai Glen Mudavanhu 58-195927-R-83, Shingai Munashe 80-086071-B-80, Shamhu Guni 83-126484-Y-83, Kudzai Joy Chifamba 43-168233-R-80, Militant Tendai Chikanya 63-1482774-T-18, Archbald Takawira 58-268764-M-58, White White 71-085510-H-71, Yvonne Chipangura 42-230100-G-38, Velinya Anusha Velinya 38-092456-S-38, Christine Ngoshi 59-0067222-B-59.

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