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Suicide is not answer : You are worthy!

Suicide is no longer uncommon in the society and every day, there are people from all walks of life living under the same roof without knowing what problems they are plagued with.

Years back, suicide was a taboo subject not to be discussed and yet, many are now doing it. It is believed that most suicide cases are unreported. To some, suicidal actions are glorified, especially to cults and religion purposes. As time progresses, the mentality of the society changes along with time and the stigma of suicide is slowly undergoing much debate and understanding. Now, suicide is regarded more of a tragedy instead of ritual because part of the reason is that the society undergoes globalisation and no longer practices scarification. Even if there is a minority of tribes who endorses scarification, the groups are negligible throughout the globe.

Also, suicide in this era more often is done due to personal reasons; be it mentality, spiritual

Life as a youth is not easy and some youths cannot handle the pressure. There are a variety of things that can lead a youth to commit suicide. Depression is the most common cause of youths suicide; however, there are many factors that can cause depression. Some of these factors can be psychological or physical. Some of these other factors include, but are not limited to, substance abuse, changes at home, domestic violence, and financial problems.

Difficulty keeping up at school may also contribute to youths depression. This difficulty could be academic failure, the pressures of participating in extracurricular activities, and peer pressure to fit in with the majority. These are some of the factors that can lead a youth to commit suicide

Relationship problem

Relationship problems play a big role in leading teenagers to commit suicide. For example, not able to find a suitable partner, being cheated on, breaking up with the loved one and more. When these problems occur, teenager will be subjected to sadness and depression.

Most teenagers think that their life is ruined when a romantic relationship ends.

They will become confused and turn desperate, and at this point, suicide seems to be like the only way out. Apart from that, teens might be betrayed by friends, losing something that was greatly desired can also mislead a teenager to commit suicide.

Poor academic performance

Parents nowadays emphasise more on the students academic success. Sometimes, these students fail to meet their parent’s requirements. Children with poor academic skills assume they have less potential on crucial outcomes in their life. Poor academic skills can manipulate how children see themselves as students so it is necessary to explore and emphasise more on the other assets in students, mainly those with lower academic skill relative to their peers.

Peer pressure

Any grown-up, who can remember the pressure they felt in high school to fit in, will be able to relate their experience to the pressure teens of today are facing. Youths will do just about anything to fit in with the group. Even a good teen that has been raised with values and is generally good in conduct, will occasionally do ridiculous things to gain acceptance. Youths are in such a haste to look fashionable and attractive, that they are turning to binge drinking and drugs, and slowly becoming vulnerable to such mental

Death of a loved one

Suicide can be caused by the death of a loved one. Loved ones can be family members. For example in the case of a love partner, it may cause depression because the teenager seemingly believes that there is no one left to accompany him/her and/or because of loving his/her partner too much. Therefore, he loses his motivation to continue living. These are feelings of grief but can also be feelings of depression.

Low self-esteem

People who have low self esteem become depressed because they lose faith easily and think negatively of everything in themselves. They are incapable of meeting life’s challenges and unworthy of happiness.

People often criticise one as useless. Phrases like, “Let me do that, you are making a mess, you never do anything right,” demotivate and discourage them indirectly.

In summation, Life is never a mooth path. Everyone faces challenges at some point. Be prepared to take the good and the bad in whatever ratio they come to you.Remember that we’re not defined by what happens to us but by how we react to it. Therefore when people do things to you tell yourself that you will not jump to their commands.Emotions makes us who we’re as people. But we should not let them rule our lives. We should learn to let go fast. Whatever the problem may be, committing suicide is not the panacea, you worth!!!

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