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Former Mayor Hebert Gomba Dismisses Abduction Reports

Former Harare Mayor Hebert Gomba the CCC candidate for Glennora ward 27 has dismissed reports saying he was abducted on Saturday, March 12.

Messages that circulated on social media over the weekend from CCC party handles suggested that he was abducted by state security agents at his home on Saturday in the presence of family members.

Fadzayi Mahere🇿🇼 @advocatemahere #ALERT Lawyers can’t find Herbert Gomba at Harare Central Police Station. Law & Order denies having him in their custody. They are now ‘searching’ for him at possible detention facilities. He was kidnapped by unknown men from his home in the presence of his father yesterday.

Fadzayi Mahere🇿🇼 @advocatemahere Mar 13 #STILLMISSING Mayor Herbert Gomba is still unaccounted for. Lawyers were advised by Law & Order that he’s not at Harare Central. They’ve since checked at Milton Park, Hillside, Rhodesville, Highfields, Mbare & Southerton Police Stations but he’s not there. RT until he’s found.

Citizens’ Coalition for Change @CCCZimbabwe We’re aware of a lawfare plot to persecute our council candidates as we approach by-elections. Herbert Gomba, Denford Ngadziore & Lovejoy Chitengu are being hunted down for a flimsy 2019 “arson” matter. Ngadziore was in Chipinge when it happened. They didn’t commit any arson.

Citizens’ Coalition for Change @CCCZimbabwe Mar 14 #ALERT We are advised that Herbert Gomba has been found and is in the custody of his family. We are advised he is safe.

Responding to the messages this morning, Gomba said it was fake and meant to soil his image ahead of the March 26 by-election. He said:

“l saw messages circulating on social media alleging that I have been abducted by state security agents and taken to Harare Central CID law and order section. Some even alleged l was held captive at 2 brigade by the military intelligence. For the record, all this is false l have been freely moving around Glennora ward 27 campaigning and doing my work as usual. I never spoke to any journalist concerning the alleged abduction,” he said.

Team Pachedu also distances itself from the alleged abduction of Gomba.

Team Pachedu @PacheduZW Pachedu would like to distance itself from this statement which appears to be fake. We have not supplied any information on the alleged abduction of the former Harare Mayor, Herbert Gomba. Our team members are currently busy with the Voters’ Roll.

This comes as there are unresolved cases in which some opposition leaders and some human rights activists claimed that they were abducted by suspected state security agents.

Fadzai Mahere was unavailable for a comment at the time of the print.

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