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Citizens Coalition for Change Candidates Exposed in Massive Voter Fraud in Harare West

In a latest shocking incident, CCC Harare West candidates for the Council elections, Denford Ngadziore and Kudzai Kadzombe, have been caught in a massive voter fraud storm having registered 667 voters in February 2022 using non existing addresses and falsified proof of residences.

Harare West has got 2 wards, ward 41 and 16, which fell vacant when the two former councilors were recalled by the MDC T currently being led by Senator Douglas Mwonzora. Ngadziore is an aspiring candidate for ward 16 and Kadzombe is standing in ward 41 in the March 26 by-elections. Harare West has a total population of approximately 46 000 people and its current MP is Joana Mamombe.

Evidence from the current voters roll including signed affidavits bearing their signatures shows that the two aspiring candidates have committed serious electoral offences after fraudulently registering 667 voters using non-existent addresses.

In Harare West there is no road by the name Mabelreign road however evidence shows that 300 people have been registered at a non-existing addresses in the non-existing Mabelreign road. All these people have falsified proof of residences in the form of affidavits bearing the signatures of Ngadziore and Kadzombe.

Main roads have been used for addresses when in actual fact houses use side roads (Clavering Road and Felsted roads in Haig Park, Stortford Parade is just a circle around Mabelreign Shops and no houses along that road. Yet 120 people have been registered using these fake addresses and the affidavits were again signed by Denford Ngadziore.

75 of these people using two fake addresses (HSE NO 5 and 15 Malbereign RD) have registered more than twice at different polling stations all over the constituency. House number 5 has 35 voters and no 15 has 40 voters. In this case, the signatories of the affidavits Ngadziore and Kadzombe have got a lot to explain to the authorities.

Ward 16 has got no addresses along Harare Drive but 60 non existing addresses are currently in the voters roll. The falsified affidavits have got Ngadziore’s signatures on them.

In summary, the two candidates committed serious electoral offenses by signing 667 affidavits for non-existing addresses where they do no reside. Sources who cannot be named for security reasons have said there was a tent at Malbereign Shops last month where the two were signing affidavits for their own people who would vote for them.

Former CCC Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba is facing similar charges in the courts of law. On the first count, police accuses Gomba of registering as a voter using a Glen Norah address where he does not live. Sources close to Gomba told our jounalists the address belongs to his parents.

On the second count, Gomba is accused of registering a further 12 voters using his parents’ address. The Police charges that some of the people do not reside at the address and therefore used falsified proof of residence.

Gomba lives in Glen Norah at an address different from his parents.

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