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Mashonaland East residents have commended the President for the engagement and re-engagement efforts which have strengthened co-operation with the world and accelerated implementation of the development agenda in local communities.

There has been enthusiasm in Vuta, Ward 13; Goromonzi District since there has been a massive investment by the Prospectus Resources Private (Pvt) (Ltd) which is now operating in the district.

Prospect Resources Limited is a battery minerals company with a focus on lithium in and around Zimbabwe, with the flagship project being the 87% owned Arcadia Lithium project, located on the outskirts of Harare in Zimbabwe. The company has a strong, agile team split between Africa and Perth which has the optimal experience to grow in Africa’s mining industry.

This development is part of the government’s agenda of economic reform set to bring the desperately needed foreign currency potentially available from international financial institutions and global investors.

It has been welcome with great zeal since it has uplifted and transformed livelihoods in and surrounding communities.

In an interview, Ruvarashe Shangwa expressed gratitude saying there has been employment creation in the area, averting poverty which had affected quite a number of people.

“We are very happy about this project which has created jobs for us. We are no longer in poverty like before”.

Sharing same sentiments with Shangwa, Ruth Moyo said the engagement efforts by the Second Republic have indeed yielded positive results since the presence of the company together with the local efforts have transformed both livelihoods and the face of the area.

“The standards of this place have really gone higher; a lot has improved and we remain grateful to President Mnangagwa”.

Furthermore, Vongai Motsi said they are now able to build better houses due to better incomes being generated through the project.

“We were living in squalid conditions and did not have proper houses; thanks to the co-operation between our government and Prospects resources we now have beautiful houses”.

Zimbabwe has been a victim of unjust aggression characterising the Southern African nation as an outcast on the international arena. The UK among other western nations being the main champion in tarnishing the image of its former colony. However, the recent re-engagement policy enacted under the Mnangagwa administration has shown a light at the end of the tunnel for Zimbabwe’s regional and international relations.

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