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Drama has become the order of the day in the newly formed Citizens Coalition for Change as the Party’s spokesperson Advocate Fadzai Mahere is embroiled in a nasty fight with members who are jostling for the Spokesperson position which she currently holds.

Inside sources have revealed that Mahere who was appointed by Chamisa not on merit but a clandestine affair has come under fire from the likes of Gladys Hlatywayo who argue that the party has more deserving members who have been working from the grassroots to canvass votes for the party unlike Mahere who is still a baby in the modern day politics thus she has to be fired.

“Fadzayi Mahere, lacks comprehensive familiarity on the political dynamics of the country and she has not done much for CCC thus the party cannot entirely hinge on that”;she said.

She further stated that, ‘there is a big debate within the party, about how people like Fadzayi Mahere became the mouthpiece of the party. That is wrong. That has to be corrected.”

She also said that there is dictatorship within the cabal surrounding Chamisa  which seeks to propel individualism in the citizens’ project.

Hlatywayo and other top CCC officials are said to be pushing for Jessica Geraldine and Lynn M to be appointed to the Spokesperson post.

A well-placed source confirmed that Geraldine who is now working closely with the Chivi community as a way to seek endorsement within the CCC structures is pushing for the Spokesperson position as the battle rages on.

In a tweet; Jessica Geraldine could not hide her frustrations saying “l am not in CCC structures, but “Mobilize kwaChivi using my own resources, fight ZANU here, their Propaganda, Lies, etc” How Do l Infiltrate CCC?

“Geraldine has resolved to participate in mainstream politics not as a mere card carrying member but eyeing the spokesperson position”, said the source.

The tweet clearly shows that Geraldine is on a mission to topple the controversial Fadzai Mahere.

Sources who spoke on anonymity said that tensions have risen as officials in the party took a swipe at Mahere and recommending  Jessica Geraldine  and Lynn M whom they described as handy and highly capable.

“Elevating Mahere was a mistake thus Lynn M and Geraldine should be considered for the Spokesperson post.














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