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Tuli Manyange:A tale of shunning marginalisation; leaving no one and no place behind


In a move to shun marginalisation of communities; the government has stepped up efforts in the construction of Tuli Manyange Dam in Gwanda District, with works on the main dam having started.


Authorities say the project is taking shape and moving at a fast pace to meet deadlines. The excavation of the main dam’s foundation has started while the construction of access roads is also underway and saddle dams that were being constructed to support the main dam are nearing completion.


Tuli-Manyange Dam has had a history of unfulfilled promises dating back to the early 1960s when the project was first introduced by the Rhodesian government.


In 2006, Government awarded the contract for the construction of the dam, but due to financial constraints, the contractor suspended works.


The ushering in of the Second Republic under President Mnangagwa has definitely yielded positive results as invisible progress is now being recorded. The project highlights government’s investment in strategic water bodies around the country which is critical for Zimbabwe, a largely agro-based economy with most of its industrial output back-lining to the sector.


Treasury released $43 million last year to expedite the project whose deadline for completion is December next year. It is envisaged that construction of new water bodies will help support the switch from rain-fed agriculture and help food-insecure communities through provision of water for both irrigation and fisheries.

The dam, with a capacity of 35 million cubic metres, is being constructed to provide irrigation water for communities in Gwanda and is expected to be completed in December 2023.”


The dam is yet another milestone under the Second Republic in improving the livelihood of rural communities as it will provide raw water for irrigation.


Once Tuli Manyange Dam is complete, at least 2 000 hectares will be put under irrigation.


The dam is also set to serve Vela, Guyu Business Centre, Ntalale Business Centre, Chelesa Business Centre, Sizhubane Barracks, Manama Mission and Business Centre, Sebasa and Mankonkoni irrigation schemes.


The project is being spearheaded by Zinwa while China International Water and Electric Corporation (CWE) was contracted to do civil works.


Contractors are also expected to tar the 7km dusty stretch leading to the dam site from the Gwanda-Ntepe road.


Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister, Abedinico Ncube said the project is taking shape and moving at a fast pace.


“Ever since the project started under the Second Republic it hasn’t stopped and there is some work being done every single day.


“This dam will bring huge change not only to the nearby community but the entire province. At this pace, the project will meet the set deadline”.


Theresa Chibamu expressed great joy saying President Mnangagwa’s policies have really transformed lives and communities at large.

“We are happy about what President Mnangagwa is doing for us and we are indeed seeing great change’, she said.











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