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Citizens Coalition for Change Neglecting Jailed Parliamentarians: Hopewell Chin’ono


Award winning Citizens Coalition for Change journalist Hopewell Chin’ono blasted party supporters and leaders for neglecting the Jailed Parliamentarians Job Sikhala and Godfery Sithole.

As the two parliamentarians were brought to court again yesterday for bail hearings, not a single CCC supporter appeared at the magistrates’ court to stand in solidarity with the jailed parliamentarian except for only a few party leaders.

Following the development, political analysts have also castigated the Citizens Coalitions For Change for neglecting the jailed activists. In a series of tweets Hopewell Chin’ono said:

Job Sikhala has just been brought to court movie style with an escort of riot police providing security for the tinted double cab State vehicle that brought him to court.
He is charged with Defeating or Obstructing the course of Justice.
Very few CCC members are at court.

A political movement that doesn’t robustly stand with its persecuted leaders will not be able to take power because it lacks a coherent approach towards pushing back against oppressive rule!

Until they stop seeing parliament and council as jobs, it will remain a dream deferred!

Dr Alex Magaisa always reminded me about the power of solidarity!

“Mupfuyiwa, if ordinary citizens don’t see strong support for their leaders who are wrongly jailed, they will stay away from opposition politics because they will know that if they are jailed, nobody will come.”

Chin’ono also lambasted the party for riding on their names, while neglecting them in jail and not expending enough resources and efforts to guarantee their freedom. The two have been in custody since June 14.

According to insiders, last week close relatives of these legislators stormed party offices accusing party leaders of neglecting their wellbeing in prison as well as the welfare of their families.

Over the years, so many opposition activists have also been accusing the CCC of using them for their political ends and later abandoning them to languish in prison when arrested.

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