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Infighting splits Zimbabwe’s CCC party


Zimbabwe’s main opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change is facing a potential split amidst Chamisa’s silence and inaction over jailed leaders.

A few months ago, the party won most of the seats in the March 26 crucial by-elections but today, it is threatening to disintegrate. Quarrelling factions within the party have now taken the gloves off: Taking the fight to public spaces and some calling for Chamisa’s removal.

In the past few hours, groups sympathetic to the interim Vice National chair, Job Sikhala, announced that Nelson Chamisa, the party’s leader should be removed for lack of action in the face of a presidential election and having neglected the jailed activists who have been in prison for over 50 days.

In a series of tweets, Jacob Ngarivhume said:

I have supported @CCCZimbabwe since its inception. But I disagree with the lack of action. I realize now that I cannot criticize them into action. That’s why I need to be the alternative for those who want a more active approach. God bless!!!

Now more than ever we need leadership excellence from the opposition. We need to understand the issues well and communicate them to the public.

We surely deserve better as a nation and the arrogance is sickening. #TimeToAct

Hopewell Chim’ono:

A political movement that doesn’t robustly stand with its persecuted leaders will not be able to take power because it lacks coherent approach towards pushing back against oppressive rule. Until they stop seeing parliament and council as jobs, it will remain a dream deferred.

.@CCCZimbabwe Members of Parliament @JobSikhala1 and Godfrey Sithole have been in jail for 50 days.I am going to post a Go-Fund here if they don’t get bail today so that we can see how committed we are at looking after families of leaders we are asking to lead from the front!

The future of CCC at that point is unclear. Many observers think a split can now hardly be averted. Defeating ZANU-PF in the next election, however, would require a strong alliance.

All the same, the latest developments are no cause for the ruling party to rejoice, Zimbabwean analysts say. If the CCC crumble, it would be a disaster for the country’s democracy.

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